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Price List

Single Job-Ad: €78 per month per Ad.


Unlimited-Ads for only €780 per year!*

Pay once and place as many Ads as you like**. No automatic extension of contract.

You can choose the Unlimited-Ads option on placing a Job-Ad at "Create job posting".

You can place as many ads on the site as you like for as long as you like! Four-weeks after you've place the ad we'll send you a link per email with which you can refresh your ad and put it at the front of the list again!

* Not applicable for recruitment agencies or affiliated companies.

** "Unlimited" means that the amount of published ads is not bound to a strict limit, but does, however, not imply infinit usage. In setting up the pricing structure we assume a number of max. 100-120 ads per year. Should the number of published ads significantly exceeded this number we reserve the right to restrict the offer.


Recruitment Agencies, Head-Hunters, Personnel Consultants, Job-Classified Placement Services, Temp-Agencies, Affiliated Companies etc.

Standard Job-Ad: €78.00 per ad per month

For each 5 ads you book in one calender month you receive a FREE StarJob for one of those 5 ads.

Unlimited-Ads for Recruiters

Book as many job-ads as you like and pay only once!

6 Months for: ask for a quote: info@creativeset.net

12 Months for: ask for a quote: info@creativeset.net

You can chose the unlimited option when placing your next ad on the "Create Job Posting" page.


STARjobs - Stay ahead of the rest!

By booking a STARjob your ad will appear in the top 10 jobs for a whole month!

Your can give your jobs the exclusive STARjob status either for visitors from a single country or from all countries.

Single Countries: €180 /Month + VAT

All Countries: €280 /Month + VAT